No Need for Disguises Here

My name is Damian Niolet. I am a servant of truth, not any particular truth mind you, but unadulterated truth, the kind that is self-evident and undeniable. My goal in life is to become known as a thought-leader by tearing down long-standing untruths and revealing long-hidden truths, all in an effort to help people live more fulfilled lives and societies achieve milestones beyond belief. As the title of this website suggests, I wish to incite revolution through my entrepreneurial endeavors, but what is not emphasized is the fact the revolution will take place within every domain of this experience we call existing - physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. That and nearly everything else I've said up to this point undoubtedly demands clarification because I regard things like truth, life, and/or revolution/entrepreneurship in a manner few would deem "conventional." Read on for details.

Who I am

10 year US Air Force Vet, turned Conscientious Objector

In many ways my military service has been a complete waste, but without it I would not be where I am today. Besides allow me to obtain a Master's in Entrepreneurship, my time in the USAF has opened my eyes to the causes behind many of humanity's woes and the true state of affairs of existence. Thus, I am driven by a need to find aestheticism in the world around me, share my understanding with others, and make a truly modest living doing so.

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what I do

a kid with many talents, but a man with little time

If I had the time, there's nothing I wouldn't be into. With what little time I have, I think (philosophy, sciences, psychology/sociology, politics/economics). I write (screenplays, graphic novels, novels, short stories, lyrics). I visualize (draw, photography, infographics, 3D). I invent (specialty gifts, gadgets, web apps). I perform (presentations, sports, maybe music and acting someday). And I hope (self-actualization, revolution, utopia).

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