My Artsyliticalism

Waxing Philosophical

If the definition of "philosopher" is: "One who studies truth and/or the problems associated with 'being,'" then I would consider myself a philosopher at my core. For instance, I refuse to discuss matters such as politics without first discussing world views, especially regarding Objective Truth. Going a step further, compared to many of my contemporaries, I consider myself a candidate as "foremost" among modern philosophers, since I am the most frustrated person I know when it comes to the lack of known truth in existence. I am perpetually perturbed by the fact there is so little to which we can all agree as being truth, thus compelling me to ceaselessly seek out self-evident (diverting attentions may be required) and undeniable truth. The world would be in a vastly improved condition if there were no other kinds of truth, but unfortunately there are - untruths. Nonetheless, I believe I have come to philosophical conclusions we CAN all rebuild our world views upon. Here's an example using a common philosophical thought experiment: If a tree falls in the forest, does it make a sound? Indeed it does. We are the sound. A more thorough book containing my philosophies is in the works.

Dabbling in the Sciences, Including the Spiritual Ones

The sciences, particularly the physical and space sciences, such as physics, chemistry, and quantum mechanics, are central to many of the premises within my particular world view; however, I believe science can only take us so far. We should understand science is merely a tool for revealing truth, not the truth itself. Further, there are many questions about existence science likely will never be able to adequately solve or, even more likely, will "solve" for a brief moment in time only to be nullified when something new is discovered which necessitates a complete overhaul of our scientific laws. In my view, there simply is no such thing as a pure vacuum; therefore, nothing can ever be considered constant, making all our science educated guesswork. Even if science were able to definitively explain all of existence, I believe some aspect of that explanation would have to incorporate concepts common to spirituality. The fact atoms have an agenda of sorts, which involves producing and sustaining a collective consciousness through carbon-based life forms, should be grounds enough to suggest the presence of a realm beyond science's reach, as in, it's unmeasurable for one reason or another.

Maslow's Pyramid is Ancient History

Philosophy providing the foundation and framework of my belief system, the sciences mentioned above comprise the roof and upper level, while the life and social sciences make up the ground floor and staircase. I've looked inward and seen everyone and I've looked outward and seen myself. My introspective and "extrospective" studies have resulted in new paradigms on human needs and behavior. Very little about life is unaffected by these paradigms; even the forms of entertainment our cultures deem acceptable can be addressed.

Governments are people too!

People tend to get so embroiled in the details of political and economic systems they neglect to see the forest for the trees. Such systems are merely a means to manage people, but without a clear, agreed-upon, future end state in mind, the systems really don't matter. They will always fail. We all might speak of progress, but we're actively spelling it 100 different ways and getting nowhere fast. Of course, agreeing on an end state would require we agree on a baseline of truth. In my estimation, America's ideological basis could use a thorough reexamination.