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"We've all got something to say, whether others like it or not."


Attention: World claim a respectible marketshare of the worlds thought-leaders.


Attention: World's mission is to help make people aware about what we all really think and feel.

60 Second Pitch

The rise of social media has made one thing very clear - everyone has something to say. But are they, rather, are you saying what it is you really need/want/mean to say? The ease with which we are able to “speak,” has induced nothing more than digital diarrhea. For some reason, we insist on spreading the diarrhea far and wide. Perhaps one good thing about social media is how it alleviates the social faux pas of waiting for your turn to speak . . . now we can just speak over each other . . . sarcasm precisely intended.

What if you only had one page on which to speak to the world? What would you say? How long would that message hold significance for you and for the world? How would you feel about that message in the absence of feedback? Would a message still hold meaning if you were unable to gain confirmation through mutuality? What would you do with the free time gained from concisely saying what you mean and meaning what you say regularly? Would you listen more?