Care-ovations Inc.


"We don't merely innovate, we care-ovate."


Care-ovations Inc. will care-ovate the future.


Care-ovations Inc.'s mission is to put people first when designing the world of tomorrow.

30 Second Pitch

There are some fantastic companies out there innovating some pretty awesome stuff, but you know what most of them are doing wrong? They're innovating for innovations sake or worse for their own sake. Take Ideo as an example. This video shows some of the interesting things they've designed, but many of them are useless to consumers. Take Apple as an example of a company that innovates at their own pace in order to maximize revenue. They could have very easily put a camera in the original iPad, but didn't because they wanted people to upgrade in 6 months. Care-ovations Inc. will always put people first when it approaches any project, always ensuring consumers get the very best products the first time around. Below are some of Care-ovations Inc.'s future products. However, Mailable Hugs and Handshakes are the only products that can be fully revealed, until patents are secured.


  • Mailable Hugs and Handshakes (info page)

  • Mr. Tubbles

  • Trip Capsule

  • 4 'n 1 Box o' Fun

  • Emerg-e-Buddy

  • No Tears Hair Washer

  • No Fuss Shower Curtain

  • Blackflag-o-matic

  • Safearbuds