Exemplary Media Inc.


"Exemplary media for an exemplary generation."


Exemplary Media Inc. will do its part in enabling human evolution.


Exemplary Media Inc.'s mission is to offer an alternative to the over marginalized and sensationalized media and entertainment prevelant today.

30 Second Pitch

Do you realize the largest perpetuator of the problems in the world today is our media? No? Ever feel stupider after watching TV? Disgusted by all the plot holes in the last movie you saw? Are you ever astounded by the lack of conscience on the part of writers and producers? Most of the crap being spit out today is meant to ONLY entertainment, but it's even failing at that because people are wising up to marginalized sensationalism and/or attempts to cater to instant gratification. For instance, you probably answered, "Yes" to at least one of those questions from the outset and you're not the only one! Hence, the formation of Exemplary Media, a company determined to prove everything from comic books to video games can be both entertaining AND enlightening. The products of Exemplary Media's subsidiaries will never: 1) be written/produced for the "least common denominator," 2) pander to our vices, while neglecting our virtues, and 3) lack integrity unto itself and as ethical truth.

(The above makes more sense the more you understand my belief system, which is overviewed here. It would also be helpful to understand my particular methodology on writing fiction, which I plan on encapuslating in a book in time. You can get an overview and track my progress here.)


  • Exemplary Films (Website)

    Exemplary Films will be an independent studio and distributor. The studio will offer greenlight projects in order to encourage films of the Exemplary style. Films will be released to theaters as well as directly through online outlets. Currently, the website is being used to promote an future app that aggregates lists of top 100 films into a final list.

  • Exemplary TV (Website)

    Exemplary TV will work in conjunction with Exemplary Films, but focus on shorter, serialized projects. It will release shows of all genres and informational/news programs as well.

  • Exemplary Music (Website)

    Exemplary Music will work much like Sony, except that the quality of music will be of the Exemplary style. I plan on having a band with my brother called Lisp.

  • Exemplary Games (Website)

    Exemplary Games will offer video and board games of the Exemplary style, certainly, but it will also work in conjunction with all other subsidaries to create intriguing products.

  • Exemplary Comics (Website)

    Exemplary Comics will completely revolutionize the comic book industry. The medium and market has been dictated by the big three long enough. The company will focus on graphic novels. One such graphic novel will be, "Made in Hyper-City."

  • Exemplary Books (Website)

    Exemplary Books will release novels of the Exemplary style as well as nonfiction books which promote an exemplary society.

  • Exemplary Publications (Website)

    Exemplary Publications will publish material meant to promote truth at all costs. The company will work closely with Exemplary TV to feed into a news program.