FREE WILL -- A Powerful Commodity


I know I left you hanging from the last topic - objective morality - but there are a couple caveats I need to cover before I can continue.

The Vertex/vortex of All Philosophical Thought

No matter the proposed Objective Truth under study, the question of whether we have free will is bound to arise. Across the board, when answered in the affirmative, the proposals begin to falter, sometimes collapsing in on themselves; after all, it only takes one chain to no longer be "free." So, either the proposal is wrong or we don't actually have free will. Considering how allusive the Objective Truth is, I believe we merely have the illusion of free will; in that, we are free to endlessly search for the Objective Truth and never really find it, even though it was acting upon us all along.

The Nature of Man

I've shown how objective morality enables conflict by exasperating our fears and hubris, but even when morality is removed from the equation, a majority still maintains mankind is predisposed to act on a set of "instincts" which are less than compatibale with civil society. We label those characteristics "human nature" and assume we are subject to them, thus condemning mankind to fail more often than not, even though "failure" is highly dependent on a choice yet again. We might as well say we're all just squishy robots because it seems we cannot break free from our "programming." Or can we?

How Do You Answer the Question?

More than likely, you answer the question by thinking of the "infinite" number of things you could do. But think about the truly infinite number of things you cannot do. For example, with every single act you perform, an infinite number of acts are no longer possible. Besides that, there are some things you simply cannot do, such as phase through a wall. The fact of the matter is the number of things you cannot do is astronomically higher than the number of things you can do. Your free will is being imposed upon by a myriad of factors, from your subconscious to your family, from society to the Objective Truth, especially the Objective Truth, making it limited, but nonetheless very powerful.

My Challenge to the World

We have a chance to prove the validity of this assertion, but it takes conscious effort. If you truly possess free will, prove it by overcoming the opposing forces, whether they are based on morality or instinct, or both, and end violent conflict across the globe! It's not as impossible nor as difficult as you think. It's a simple matter of choosing to think and act differently. This would entail not behaving preemptively to perceived threats out of fear and/or hubris. People tend to oppose the vulnerability involved in this suggestion, not realizing how everyone would eventually be just as vulnerable, as one-by-one we end a cycle of harm. If you need a mantra, here it is: "The more I believe conflict is unavoidable, the less I will do to prevent it." Keep in mind, this is a mile marker on a long and arduous journey. It's an accomplishment, but it's not enough to get us to the goal. Read on.