My Hoping

Delusions of Granduer

There are probably very few people on this planet that don't think the world needs to change in some way. That many of us believe we've got "the solution" is a sure sign of delusions of granduer, but ultimately I see it as "hope" in my particular case. To me, delusions of granduer are a sort of blind hope. Most of us who want to change the world, hope we can rise to the occasion, but don't exert any effort to start the climb. Many of us spout rhetoric about how great we are, but don't let our actions speak for us. We expect people to change, but don't set the example. That's the essence of delusions of granduer and thus blind hope. I, on the other hand, understand the level of personal excellence that must be achieved in order to make a significant impact on the world. My goals are quite lofty, but not unattainable; therefore, I hope I can prove my delusions of granduer are themselves delusions.

Swimming Against the Stream

Even after I reach the level of excellence required, I know the odds will still be stacked against me in terms of opposing forces. From centuries of ingrained illusions to the allure of instant gratification, I'll have my work cut out for me. I hope that I can remain steadfast in my quest, despite, not only the blowback from those unwilling to change, but the suffering from those who are willing. As vague and equally dire as this is sounding, I'm probably losing many of you...and I haven't even detailed exactly what about the world/humanity needs to change! Unfortunately, I won't be able to fully until I can complete certain products from my proposed companies, but I have, at least, provided an overview of my proposed movement on this website. Even after my message is declared far and wide, there will be those who don't understand or don't care. Ignorance and apathy may be my biggest obstacles. I hope I can express the value in changing in such a way that, one-by-one, we all work to divert the currents. Again, that hope is not blind. I have a tactical plan as a foundation.

Adapt to Adapt to Thrive

I will target, on an individual basis, our worldviews and cultures, especially the assumptions propping up our identities, the illusions we build to bind our actions, and the visions we fail to create let alone achieve. Gandhi was absolutely correct, "YOU must be the change you want to see in the world," but that's only a start. Worldwide change necessitates a conserted approach, where not only the exemplary actions of a few are highlighted, but where the paradigms of the majority are called into question. The side of that discourse I intend to champion must be readily adapted to suit the occasion while remaining consistent to a core set of principles. I'll call the process of aligning one's self to those principles "baselining," hence the title of my future book, "Baseline Your Life." Logic and hope, two aspects of life few, if anyone, can deem irrelevant, will be the linchpins. Through the revolution, I plan on persuading you of the importance of baselinging using logic, systematically deconstructing prevailing assumptions about life until all that remains is that which is truly self-evident to everyone and undeniable by anyone. Through the revolution, I plan on inspiring you with the value in baselining using hope, gently dissolving overly protective barriers in order that everyone be completely vulnerable to true intimacy. Once people begin to recognize adaptation as being more natural in existence than immutability, only then can we begin to thrive. "Thrive" and not "survive" because survival is really just stagnation, until the next cataclysmic event arises. Thriving is constant improvement regardless of impediments.