My Inventing

Specialty Gifts

My journey into the world of inventing started with the "Mailable Hug." My mother actually came up with the idea originally, but she called it a "Here's a Hug." I reinvented it in order to target a specific market - gift basket buyers. As you can see from the linked website, "Mailable Hugs" are "the gift basket reinvented." The creation of the "Mailable Hug" prompted the formation of a company (Care Mail Inc.), which specializes in bridging the gap between separated loved ones, such as military families, which resulted in several other specialty gift inventions. I am only willing to share the "Mailable Hug" publicly. I have to keep some of my aces for myself, after all.

Everday Gizmos

I hate having to futz around with everday gizmos, knowing my time is much better spent elsewhere, but even when I'm not hazzled by everday gizmos, I think about whether they could be improved upon. For instance, whoever invented the nail-less hook for hanging pictures...genius. I've come up with a few everday gizmos that are comparable, such as an improved shower curtain, extension cord, and gadget for washing your kids' hair, to name a few. All of it screams "AS SEEN ON TV," but we'll see whether I go that route. Gotta produce prototypes and secure patents first and foremost.

Kids' Toys and Games

Since I have two kiddos, I am always thinking of ways to entertain and enrich them. As such, most of what I've come up with is about making learning fun. I've designed a new format for young readers' books, which can also second as a game. I've yet to devise the game though. Gamification is something I've haven't jumped into yet, but I'm sure I will, probably very soon. I'm also working on a little "toy" that helps prepare kids for emergency situations. I'm kicking aroun a couple other ideas as well.

Computer Software

I think up little apps regularly. Most of them were thought up and executed by someone else already, but I always see ways the apps could be better. I simply don't have any coding knowledge whatsoever to make my own, improved version. If I really want the apps, I'll have to hire someone. One major piece of software that I intend to hire people to create is a digital Personal Information Management (PIM) system - It will start out as a web app, but will likely grow into much more. While I don't have coding skills, I do consider myself an "expert" when it comes to usability. For instance, I've articulated the basic functionality of my proposed web app in a video on PIMier Inc.'s website. Contact me if you have some ideas in that regard.

Computer Hardware

I've got some ideas for the hardware that would house the above software. Of note is the fact my designs are within only two product categories - server (but more like a TV) and mobile device - because that's really all we need. Unless the major computer companies beat me to it, I'll reveal the conceptual designs in due time.