NioCo Inc.


"We go with what works - you."


NioCo Inc. will be the company behind the companies of tomorrow.


NioCo Inc. will ceaselessly strive to discover, collect, package, and disseminate the very best entrepreneurial practices to aspiring and veteran entrepreneurs alike, while supporting their ventures through various products and services ranging from capital to staffing.

30 Second Pitch

If you're an entrepreneur, wouldn't you prefer to know you're following the very best in startup practices from the beginning? NioCo Inc.'s mission is to do just that, compile procedural information from the most successful ventures in every possible industry and present you with a formula for success.


  • The Startup Funding Matrix (Website)

    A living database visually displaying the possible relationships between all types of entrepreneurs and investors and the potential merit/likelihood for success of those relationships. It is "living" in that users are constantly injecting data, thus giving the community the most up-to-date picture of the startup funding landscape. Free for injectors. Paid service for all others.

    Growth Methodology for Startups

    NioCo Inc.'s growth methodology for startups has three basic principles: 1) make the most with what you have, 2) focus all efforts on "products" with definite value for either customers or investors, and 3) graph the plan. It will be packaged as an application in order to make graphing the plan nearly automated, based on input from the entrpreneur(s).

  • Many Aarons are a Must

    This will be billed as a book about leadership, but one that is directed towards followers first-and-foremost; thus, there will be insight for both leaders and followers. The "power to the people" movement has resulted in the nuetering of our leaders as they're forced to always look for consensus. The people need to learn how to recognize great leaders and allow themselves to be led.

    Template Business Plans and Such

    Starting a business for the first time can be overwhelming. Sometimes aspiring entrepreneurs have no idea where to begin, especially in a legal sense, but perhaps more importantly in a strategic sense. NioCo Inc. will get to know entrepreneurs seeking assistance and direct their initial steps, from filing the appropiate forms to optimizing their business strategy.

  • The Entrepreneur's Dart Board

    I'd like to think my ideas are pretty great, but coming up with great ideas means nothing. That’s why I inverted a typical dart board and created “The Entrepreneur’s Dart Board.” The goal of entrepreneur’s, like myself, isn’t to hit the bull’s-eye with one great idea, but to spread that idea to millions of people. The idea’s nothing if you don’t or can’t.