My Blog's Features

  • Aspiring to Aspire

    All posts regarding the revolutionary and entrepreneurial work going into starting up and maintaining my ventures.

    My Works

    All posts containing the latest iterations of the products and services I am working to release to consumers.

    Words of Wisdom

    All posts wherein I wax philosophical and honestly attempt to make sense of some or many aspects of existence.


    All posts in which I critique fictional works, be it a film, novel, graphic novel, or what have you, using my personal methodology.

  • Racing Alergnon

    All posts related to my quest for knowledge as gained through reading and other sources when they seem worthwhile.

    Rants and Raves

    All posts wherein I simply feel compelled to rant or rave about some particular thing or topic, mostly nerd stuff.

    Words of Wisdumb

    All posts meant to loosen the grip and lighten the mood a bit - jokes, anecdotes, complete nonsense.

    Ask an Exemplar

    All posts intended to address readers' mild personal problems, as I explain how an "exemplar" would regard their situation.