My Performing

Presenting & Public Speaking

I've been told many times I am a great teacher. I think this is what helps me be a decent presenter. Unfortunately, all of my best presentations were classified briefs to top level decision-makers, so I can't prove this at the moment. Really, the presentations weren't all that good because I wasn't all that passionate about the material. I believe I could be a rather dynamic and inspirational public speaker if the topic and audience truly mattered to me, much like Tony Robbins, but in a less, "Buy my self-help system!!" way. In due time, I'm sure I'll have the opportunity to book speaking engagements in connection with my revolutionary/entrepreneurial endeavors. Stay tuned!


My family is very musically inclined. My aunt was a singer songwriter for many years. My brother followed in her footsteps and has an amazing repetoire of songs. I hope to some day find the time to learn either the piano or guitar, or both, so that he and I can make music together. I believe I have a fairly decent voice, that or a dozen or so people were just "being nice," and I really crave the rush of belting out vocals. There's a release there that's so quick, yet satisfying. I get the same feeling from writing or drawing, but only after A LOT MORE effort, usually after I'm too tired to really enjoy the sensation. If I were ever to form a band, I'd call it "Lisp," the idea being, someone could have the most enlightening message, but if said with a speech impediment, would probably go completely ignored. It's about perfect imperfection. I also grew up with a there's that too. ;)


I wouldn't be surprised if music lead to other types of performing, as it does for so many other people. Besides, I write for actors, why not try being one? We'll see. I have no delusions about my talents in this regard. I just know I enjoy being in front of people and communicating a message. If I really boil it down, that's all it is to me. The tough part is getting the message across optimally, which is usually a team effort, making it less duanting. I also know I won't ever know where I stand, until I try. More than likely, I would act out my own material to get a feel for it. Incidentally, I'm not counting the years I spent in my high school's Radio/TV/Film program. Not my finest least, not in front of the camera.

Sports & Competitions

Firstly, I am by no means a specimen of peak physical performance. Way to go genes... Kidding! But seriously, my body does not like building muscle, so it just doesn't. It also doesn't like storing fat, so that's good. Nonetheless, I have always enjoyed being athletic. I grew up playing basketball for the most part. I even thought about pursuing it as a career at one point, but quickly realized my boney, weak, 5'8 1/2" frame had hit a ceiling. Secondly, I'm only competitive when I know I'm competing against true sportsmen. For example, I can't stand scrub basketball, not because of a lack of fundamentals, though there is something to that, but because the scrubs tend to be overly competitive. In other words, they carry their problems on the court and create new ones off the court, whether they win or lose. Thirdly, above all, sports & competition is about proving something to myself, thus being an example to others. That's way I intend to achieve my physical peak, both in stature and in ability. More Soon.