A Jack of Many Trades...

...and only the master of myself

When it comes to my talents, I tend to be a natural at most anything. However, I've never honed talents into pure skill. It's going to sound like I'm looking for sympathy in saying this, but I'm truly not. I'm simply stating a fact. Frankly, I was never in a position to do so. From an emotionally stunting and economically disadvantaged upbringing to my own poor choices in life and subsequent lack of time, I've faced many obstacles on my path. Considering this, I've done fairly well for myself. I may never be the likes of, to name a few modern day "giants," Jürgen Habermas, Douglas Rushkoff, nor Ben Heine within their respective fields, but I believe I can and will achieve my goals by using what I've learned out of their respective fields. I may not have a lot of time, but at this point in my life, my greatest skill maybe knowing how to optimize my fledgling talents. Have a look for yourself:

  • "Artsylitical" Thinking

    I have an interdisciplinary approach to analyzing the world; however, I like to go a step further. To me, it's not only important to align one's view through logic, but to disperse it with illogic, generally through processes used by artists. Do both simutaneously, and you're "Artsylitical."

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    I dislike the writing process. It is laboreous and the result often seems lacking in quality. I do, however, enjoy communicating and storytelling. In order to do both effectively through writing, I have studied the tradecraft extensively, and I seek to get better at it every day.

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    My attempts at visualizing also suffers from rigidity, but I don't feel the task is as tedious. I enjoy physically manifesting a visual once only in my mind, but I have to know exactly what I want before I can begin. I rarely sketch just for practice's sake. I should.

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  • Inventing

    I am often quite dissatisfied with the products currently on the market, whether it be a shower curtain or a Personal Information Management system. I constantly find myself thinking about ways to improve existing products or invent new ones to make life easier.

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    Performing is anything that involves showcasing skill in front of an audience, which for me mostly involves presentations. Someday I plan on learning an instrument and taking to the stage, which may lead to other types of performing. I'm also fairly athletic and competitive.

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    What would all of the above matter if I don't have a driven and positive attitude? Not a driven and positive attitude that says, "The world be damned!" But a driven and positive attitude that manifests itself as hope. Above all, I hope my greatest talent is hoping.

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