10 Years Too Many

What drove me into the US Air Force

There are several reasons why I thought joining the US Air Force would be ideal: 1) It was a chance to fall far from the family tree, 2) It was a means by which I could join the FBI and be something of a superhero, and 3) It was what any "good" American male in their 20's would do after 9-11. As I would come to discover, none of those reasons were worthwhile. There is no running from who I am. There is no combating the symptoms of the problem. There is no morality to which I should be aligning myself.

"Serving My Time"

I've worked as a Russian Linguist and/or Intelligence Analyst all 10 years. My job is not as cool as it may sound. I can't go into details. Just Google it... I could go on-and-on about the problems in the Intelligence Community in general and the military specifically, but I'll save that for elsewhere. Why I stayed in as long as I did was purely for the financial security and educational benefits. With each reenlistment window came the chance at a sizable bonus and opportunity to finish college degrees. The bonuses always ran out too soon and finding the time for school was always difficult. This cycle of stagnation would go on until I was accepted to the National Intelligence University (NIU). While attending NIU, I began critically examining the world and my place in it. Immediately upon graduating from NIU, I took full advantage of the USAF's tuition assitance program by enrolling into Western Carolina University's Master's of Entrepreneurship program. Soon thereafter, I started establishing the visions, missions, and objectives of several companies which will counter humanity's troubled state of affairs.

The Rise of My Entrepreneurial Spirit

The exasperatingly funny thing about the past 10 years is the fact I've more-or-less come full circle. Having seen little "good" on my life's path, when I came to the fork in the road just before the last 10 years, I felt compelled to head for the USAF. But looking back, I should have stayed the course. Just before joining the USAF, I was intent on publishing a graphic novel, which my brother originally envisioned, and someday we will published it. It's titled, "Made in Hyper-City." Because of the epicness of that story, I knew we would have to self-publish, but I never thought seriously about entrepreneurship until relatively recently. I thought starting a business could only ever be a side project, supported by a steady day-job...such as the USAF. Fast forward 10 years and my entrepreneurial spirit has grown wings and longs to soar as far away from the military as possible, as soon as possible.

What drove me out of the US Air Force

What's driven me away from the USAF is really quite simple: 1) I'd rather die for peace's sake than for war's, 2) I believe conflict is always avoidable/preventable, 3) I believe mankind can achieve a uptopian society. Okay, maybe it's not THAT simple, but it's also not as difficult as people make out. I'm going to spend the rest of my life proving it, beginning with this very website.

NOTE: All of the above is an overview of the overview I provided in the justification memorandum I recently submitted to the US Air Force as part of my conscientious objector/separation application. I am currently awaiting a decision.