An Entrepreneur vs. a Revolutionary

An entrepreneur and a revolutionary are identical in every way except when it comes to ROI. Entrepreneurs are after money; revolutionaries are after people.

An entrepreneur would say, "If I build it, they will gather;" whereas, a revolutionary would say, "If I gather them, they will build it." In this age of the "free-market economy," which would you really prefer was active in society? The one who's after your money or the one who's after your heart and mind? I know just the word "revolutionary" carries negative connotations for a large number of you out there, no thanks to historic figures who promised "more" and delivered "less," but what if you had a guarantee a revolutionary's only concern was giving you the tools to make the most of your life? Really think about it. Think about the lengths to which many entrepreneurs go in order to "earn" your money, especially the socially accepted lying we call "marketing," constantly maintaining illusions and subliminally creating delusions. Now think about my ideal revolutionary, who only wants your support in helping improve society. You still have reservations I'm sure and that's understandable because you're probably curious exactly what "support" and "improvement" looks like. For starters, you'd help end warfare. You'd assist in drastically reducing all types of crime. You'd play a part in turning our culture away from marginalized sensationalisms and strengthening communities and families. You'd have a deep self-awareness you never knew you needed and a level of intimacy in your relationships you never knew you wanted. That's the thing about the ideal revolutionary, he/she understands change starts with YOU, not with systems; however, persuading every "you" on the planet is going to take a strategic and hollistic plan, as below:

My Goals in Life

As A Revolutionary

That which I want to accomplish as a revolutionary is of the utmost importance to me. I'm focused on change from the inside, out, but from the inside of every last person on the planet, out. Success will depend on embracing everyone else and speaking their "language."

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As an Entrepreneur

That which I want to accomplish as an entrepreneur is imporant only because it is necessary. It's how I'm going to speak everyone's "language." Success will depend on embracing myself and my quest for self-improvement, aestheticism in the world, and ultimately...transendance.

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