My Writing

Graphic Novels

I learned to read from the Sunday comics, so it only makes sense that I would gravitate towards comic books as a teen and graphic novels as an adult. I truly believe sequential art is the ideal medium for telling a story as it isn't as difficult to convey/receive messages as with novels nor as easy as with film/TV. I feel, when done well, readers sense a greater connection to the story when they have to fill in "the gaps" themselves. I am working on several titles, "Made in Hyper-City" being the flagship title of my future comic book publishing company - Exemplary Comics. I created a "cheatsheet" based on the works of the sequential art aficionado, Scott Mcloud, to help me master the craft. The cheatsheet stands as an example of my visualizing "skillz" as well.


Though not as much as graphic novels, I also greatly appreciate screenplays. I have completed two so far and have many more at varying stages of progress. I personally have found the most difficult aspect of this particular writing craft to be getting around or through "Hollywood types" who treat every screenplay as the blockbuster it was never meant to be. I don't feel the motif or style of my screenplays are really indie material either though, hence, my forming my own film production company - Exemplary Films. One way or another my first and second screenplays will be produced.

Novels/Short Stories

I haven't actually dove all the way into this writing craft yet. I have several ideas in the conception stage and some chapters roughed out, but no completed works, not even short stories. Eventually I will find the time to make sure my skills are honed enough and begin hammering out a few finished books, which, of course, will be published by Exemplary Books. More than likely they are going to be geared for young adult to adult readers, like the Harry Potter series, excep most all of them will be Sci-Fi. I don't know, I'm just most comfortable writing within that genre when it comes to novels/short stories.


Since I do desire to one day be able to play an instrument, I also hope to sing my own songs; thus, I've made a few attemps at writing lyrics, which most anyone would consider poetry of sorts. If I were to be in a band, it would be called "Lisp" because I grew up with a lisp. The idea behind the name relates to how the most enlightening thing in the world can sound silly when said by someone with a speech impediment. Exemplary Music will definitely produce someone's music, if not my own.

Nonfiction Books

I think my writing style is most conducsive to nonfiction/technical writing. My arguments for revolting against today's standards are going to need to be succinctly laid out in a logical, written form, so I guess it works out. I plan on creating a website which highlights the principles behind my insistence for revolution, but the heart will be a book called, "Baseline Your Life." There are other topics to which I'd like to devote attention with nonfiction books. See Exemplary Books for details.